Colburn Manufacturing Company, Inc. has specialized in CNC Swiss
precision machining since 1999. We have manufactured parts for the
electrical connector industry, medical industry, elevator industry, high
speed labeling industry and decorative hardware industry to name a few. 
We have experience in working with all metals including aluminum, brass,
beryllium copper, and stainless steel as well as plastics.

Colburn Manufacturing Company, Inc. specializes in tight tolerance,
Swiss precision turned parts according to customer specializations. We
employ the latest technology, utilizing CNC machinery.  We are willing
to work with our customers in product design and modification.  We can
machine your designs in as little in two to three weeks including rapid


Since our inception, Colburn Manufacturing Company, Inc. has realized a
robust annual growth rate with new and returning customers, satisfied
with excellent customer service and on time delivery of high quality
machined parts.  Our customer service base includes both large and small
business clients.  With 90% of clients being return clients due to
reliable customer service and high quality precision part production.