Colburn Racing Team

The Colburn Racing Team is a dynamic blend of beginners taking their first exciting leaps into the world of off-road racing and seasoned riders who’ve mastered the art of conquering challenging terrains. Together, we share a common passion for the thrill of flat track racing, learning from each other and working as a tight-knit unit. It’s this mix of fresh enthusiasm and seasoned expertise that fuels our team’s camaraderie and drives us to push our limits, both individually and as a cohesive force on the track.

Devin Eller

11 Years Old
Colburn Racing Devin
Devin was born and still lives in New Port Richey, Florida.  Started riding motorcycles 3 years ago, racing 2 years ago.  His grandfather and uncle also race and racing clearly runs in his blood. After finishing the 2022-23 season in third place, he is now looking forward to training and getting additional experience on the track.
Devin states “I really like racing (flatrack) and can’t wait until I can fly over the tabletops and land on the bottom side (in TT).” 
He is  home schooled and entering 6th grade this fall.  His favorite subject in school is science.  “I really like dinosaurs.”  I also play baseball and last year my team won the championship.  I pitch and play 3rd base.”
He’s excited to join Colburn Race team for the 2023-24 season and states “I look forward to racing for the team and to meet all the participants.”  As our youngest team member he will be great fun to watch and cheer for this season!     
Race Bike: 2021 Yamaha  YZ65
Racing Number: 7


Briana McHugh

17 Years Old
Brianna Racing 3 (1) 4

I grew up in Rindge, NH and relocated in 2022 to Cairo, GA to have the opportunity to race and train year round.

My roots in flat track racing started when I was 4 years old. From 2018-2022 I focused on road racing and earned rookie of the year and my expert license. Last year I decided to transition back to flat track. I like flat track racing because it is a very family friendly environment. Every track is unique and demands different riding skill and technique. I prefer larger hard packed, grooved tracks that allow me to accelerate to speeds around 100 MPH. Sliding around corners and tucking down a straight gives me the adrenaline like no other.

My goals for the upcoming season are to travel all around the country and attend the biggest amateur races and become one of the top amateur racers before moving to the Pro American flat track ranks.  Ultimate goal for the 2023-24 season is the Horizon award at the Amateur Nationals, held each year in DuQuoin, Ill.

I work full time at a motorcycle shop and in my free time I enjoy working on my bikes and learning how to do new things to better my mechanic skills. I enjoy riding motocross and pit bikes and spending time with my friends and family. I currently attend adult education classes at Southern Regional Tech College and excel in reading and language arts. I am preparing to further my education in mechanics and motor building.

Clint Larson

Clint grew up in Minneapolis, MN riding dirt bikes and racing late model B mod cars. He is the VP of Colburn Manufacturing.

Joining the flat track scene late in the 2022-23 season, he  podiumed twice in four races.

2023-24 will mark his first full season.  He will be racing open novice and 30+ in District 16 and in the SDTA.

He loves the challenge of the constantly changing courses and quick adjustments to the bike and rider each course demands. Consistently pushing the bike and himself to the limit he is working yet another new way to give his mother more gray hair.

Goal for the season is to podium for season overall finish in 30+ and qualify for the Amateur Nationals in DuQuoin, Ill.

Scott Larson

Scott grew up dreaming of riding flat track. He is from Minneapolis, MN and is the President and Founder of Colburn Manufacturing.

Joining the flat track scene late in the 2021-22 season.

2023-24 will mark his second full season.  He will be racing 50+ and 60+ in the SDTA.

Racing feeds his need for speed with the adrenaline rush and challenge of rising to the level of his  competitors. He enjoys the camaraderie of flat track racing and is entirely grateful to his friend and mentor, Woody Kyle.

Goal for the season is to podium for season overall finish in 50+ and 60+ and to qualify for the Amateur Nationals in DuQuoin, Ill for a second year.


Racing great, Woody Kyle of Woody Kyle Racing …mentor and friend!