Our Process & Capabilities

Our Process

Holding to tight tolerances +/- .0001″ (+/- .0025mm), we have the processes and procedures in place which, combined with our experience, provide high-quality parts. We use top-of-the-line inspection equipment to ensure accuracy. Our proven process allows us to efficiently create precision parts to your specifications.

We are not only dedicatied to the highest level of precision but also the highest level of customer service.  We like to work with the customer and become partners and family. 

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Step One


When you send in a print or request a quote, Scott Larson, will quote the part, just like he has done since 1999. Then, all you have to do is approve it and send in the purchase order.

Step Two

Preparing to Make Your Part

We order the material and any tooling needed for the part. Then we program the part into CNC code and create the inspection forms we will use to ensure we make your part to the highest standards.

Step Three

Making Your Part

We setup the part on the machine and fine tune it. Once we know the part is good, we complete a 1st article inspection to ensure it is perfect. If the part passes inspection, we can continue production. If it does not, the machinist will problem-solve until we get it right. We also complete periodic in process inspections as we complete your order.

Step Four

Quality Control

Once the job is complete, we will do a final inspection. Then we clean, pack, and ship the parts. We ship with UPS, Fed Ex, or whatever works best for  your needs. We also work with great vendors for any plating needs.

Our Machines

Citizen L20 Type 5 – Live Tool Spindles

Citizen L20 Type 8 – Qty 2- Live Tool Spindles

Citizen L20 Type 10 – Qty 2 – Live Tool Spindles

Citizen L12 Type 7 – Qty 3 – Live Tool Spindles

Citizen L12 Type 10 – Live Tool Spindles

Citizen L32 Type 12  Live Tool Spindles

Tsugami BO 125 – Qty 2 – NSK Electric Live Tool Spindles

Tsugami BO 326 – Live Tool Spindles

Tsugami BO 325 – Live Tool Spindles

Miyano BNX-51MSY – Live Tool Spindles


Cutting Edge Equipment at Colburn Manufacturing of Minnesota

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Our process ensures high-caliber excellence at every stage of our work. If you can come up with a print for the part, we can make what you need to perfection!

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