The Electrical & Electronics Industries

Electrical and electronics components are crucial to a global industry that encompasses everything from telecommunications, medical devices, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.  

These industries require intricate components which demand tight tolerances. The parts also must often be made rapidly. This makes the accuracy of CNC machining and the advantage of CAD software the perfect technology combo for getting your parts made right and made fast. And at Colburn Manufacturing, We Do Swiss Right.

Computer Repair


We understand the need for rapid and timely changes to get electronics parts to market. With real-time access to our machinists, our applications engineer and the latest CAD/CAMS software for creating machining programs, we make your new product development a smooth process.


Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Copper, and Plastics.


Connectors, Nano Connectors, Connector Housings, Contact Pins, Nuts, Screws and more.

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Our process ensures high-caliber excellence at every stage of our work. If you can come up with a print for the part, we can make what you need to perfection!