The Electrical & Electronics Industries

Finding the right fit for an electrical industry Swiss Machine in your area can be difficult. Electrical and electronics components are crucial to a global industry encompassing everything from telecommunications, medical devices, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.  

These industries require intricate components which demand tight tolerances. The parts also must often be made rapidly. This makes the accuracy of CNC machining and the advantage of CAD software the perfect technology combo for getting your parts made right and made fast. And at Colburn Manufacturing, We Do Swiss Right.

Computer Repair with small semi conductors and electrical parts.

Swiss Machining For The Electrical & Semiconductor Industry

Swiss machining, also known as Swiss screw machining or Swiss turning, is a precision machining process that has significantly evolved in the electrical and semiconductor industries. Swiss machines are designed to produce small, high-precision components, making them ideal for applications in the electrical industry.

Miniaturization: As electronic devices have become smaller and more portable, the need for smaller, high-precision components has increased. Swiss machining has evolved to meet these demands by producing tiny, intricate components, such as connectors, pins, and small gears, used in semiconductors and other electronic devices.

High Precision and Accuracy: The electrical and semiconductor industries require tight tolerances and high-quality components. Swiss machines have evolved to deliver these requirements with their advanced CNC controls, multiple axes of motion, and advanced tooling systems. This has resulted in higher precision and accuracy when manufacturing complex geometries in electrical components.


Computer Microchips and swiss machine parts On Electronic Circuit Board. Technology Microelectronics parts. Semi conductors.

Complex Component Capabilities: Swiss machining has evolved to produce more complex components, such as micro-machined parts for semiconductors. This is made possible through CNC programming advancements and Swiss machines’ multi-axis capabilities, allowing for complex operations like milling, drilling, and turning within a single setup.

Fast Production Time: As demand for electronic devices and semiconductors has grown, Swiss machining at Colburn Manufacturing has developed methods for speedier production times to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Swiss machines have increased efficiency and productivity by combining multiple operations in a single setup.

Advanced Materials: Swiss machining has adapted to the advancement of material technology in the electrical industry. It can now work with a wide range of materials, including conductive materials like copper and brass and innovative materials like engineered plastics used in electronic devices.

Prototyping Electronics Parts

We understand the need for rapid and timely changes to get electronics parts to market. With real-time access to our machinists, our applications engineer and the latest CAD/CAMS software for creating machining programs, we make your new product development a smooth process.

Materials For Electrical Parts

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper

  • Nickel Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

  • Plastics

Electrical Product Examples

  • Connectors
  • Nano Connectors
  • Contact Pins

  • Connector Housings
  • Nuts & Screws

  • Much More

Nuts, Screws, and other parts created by Swiss Machine at Colburn Manufacturing of Minnesota

The Future of The Electrical Industry

To stay competitive, Colburn Manufacturing has embraced automation technologies for Swiss machines, such as advanced programming software and automated part-handling systems. Industry 4.0 concepts, including data collection, analytics, predictive maintenance, and IOT (Internet of Things), have made Swiss machining more efficient and allowed for more precise process control in the semiconductor and electrical industries.

Swiss precision machining has evolved significantly to meet the changing needs of the electrical and semiconductor industries, primarily driven by the trend toward miniaturization and higher precision. This has been achieved through technological advancements in CNC controls, multi-axis capabilities, and materials, and embracing automation and Industry 4.0 concepts. We’re ready for your business’ unique part needs and have a process to make it happen quickly!

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