The Medical Industry

The medical industry has technology that we couldn’t have imagined 50 years ago. 

  • Insulin pumps and medical implants that allow patients to enjoy life with mobility and freedom
  • Prosthetics made to fit a person perfectly so they can move with comfort and ease
  • Joint replacements
  • Cochlear implants
  • Surgical tools made for greater accuracy

None of these or the many other advancements in the medical industry would be possible without the detailed capabilities of Swiss and CNC machining. And at Colburn Manufacturing, We Do Swiss right.

Surgical Instruments made of metal and platic with surgeons in gloves in surgery


We understand the need for rapid and timely changes to get medical parts to market. With real-time access to our machinists, our applications engineer and the latest CAD/CAMS software for creating machining programs, we make your new product development a smooth process.


Titanium, Brass, 303 Stainless, 316 Stainless, Surgical Steel, Aluminum, Plastics.


Bone Screws, Drills, Veterinary Instruments, Dental Implants, Surgical Pins, Fixation Plates, Neuro Tooling, Parts for Cochlear Implants, Parts for Pacemakers, Phaco Needles, Connectors and more.

Screws and Other Metal Parts Made By Swiss Machining Shop in Minnesota

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