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Industrial Factory With Cnc Machines

How a Machine Shop Partner Can Benefit Your Industry

Explore the Benefits of Precision Manufacturing for Your Industry Precision manufacturing is essential in modern industrial production. The ability to create components with the tightest tolerances is crucial across industries, from aerospace to medical devices. Custom machining and CNC manufacturing techniques allow for the production of parts and products with unparalleled accuracy and consistency. This precision ensures the proper fit,...
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Metalworking Cnc Lathe Milling Machine. Cutting Metal Modern Processing Technology at CNC Machine shop.

How to Get Started with a CNC Partner 

Elevate Your Manufacturing Business With A Trusted Machine Shop In the dynamic world of manufacturing, finding the right CNC partner can be a game-changer. When it comes to CNC and Swiss machining, collaboration with a trusted specialist can revolutionize your production processes and propel your business to new heights. Outsourcing CNC machining to a reliable partner can lead to cost...
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Swiss Or CNC Machining In Minnesota

Unlocking the Advantages of CNC Machining

Exploring the Benefits of CNC Machining for Clients and Manufacturers CNC machining, short for computer numerical control machining, has revolutionized the manufacturing industry with its precision and efficiency. CNC and Swiss machining have the advantage of consistently making precise parts with high quality, thanks to their tight tolerance capabilities. This level of precision has made it an essential tool in...
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Industrial Background From Metal Parts Produced In Metal Industry CNC Machined and Metal Finished

Exploring Metal Finishing Techniques in CNC Machining

Understanding Metal Finishing in CNC Machining Metal finishing in CNC machining plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality and durability of metal parts. Manufacturers can achieve precise surface finishes that meet specific requirements by employing various metal finishing techniques. In CNC machining, surface finishing methods are integral to refining the appearance and functionality of metal components. Different treatments like...
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Engineer Use Digital Tablet Controller In Factory,optimizing Cnc Machinery Programming Machine For Increasing Production Line Efficiency and quality control

The Importance of Quality Control in Precision Machining

Understanding Precision Machining: The Role of Quality Control Precision machining, especially Swiss and CNC machining, is important in many industries, like aerospace, medical, and electrical. Quality control is paramount to maintain the highest standards of excellence. Precision machining enables the production of intricate components with precise dimensions and complex geometries. These methods are crucial in industries where precision is non-negotiable....
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Small Details Blue Plastic Parts.

How is Plastic Used in Swiss Machining?

The Versatility of Plastic in CNC Machining Swiss machining, also known as Swiss turning or Swiss-style CNC machining, is a highly precise and versatile technique used in the manufacturing industry. While often associated with metal components, Swiss machines can produce intricate parts from various plastic materials. Today, we will examine the reasons why a company may select plastic for a...
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Pharmacy Plant pill production for drug industry using custom machined parts

CNC Machining in the Drug Industry

Understanding CNC Machining’s Role in the Drug Industry Precision and accuracy are paramount in the drug industry, where even the slightest deviation can have significant consequences. This is where CNC machining plays a crucial role. CNC machining, or computer numerical control machining, is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized manufacturing processes across various industries, including pharmaceuticals. In the drug industry,...
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Equipment Confectionery Industry Machine with Machined Parts

Making CNC Parts For The Food Industry

Swiss and CNC Machining for The Food Industry Precision and reliability are relied upon in the fast-paced and demanding world of the food industry. CNC machined parts produced by Swiss machines play a crucial role. These high-quality components are widely used in various applications within the food industry, ensuring efficiency, safety, and consistent production. The Swiss Machine technology offers exceptional...
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Airplane Engine Side View Close Up, Aerospace Industry Machined Parts Displayed

Machining for The Aerospace Industry

Swiss Machines Help The Aerospace Industry Take Flight Swiss machining and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining have become indispensable in the aerospace industry for a multitude of manufacturing processes. Advanced machining techniques through research and development have revolutionized parts manufacturing. This machining offers precision, efficiency, and reliability. Swiss and CNC machining are essential in the aerospace industry to ensure safety...
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Closeup Of Surgical Tools For Medical Industry On Table And Team Of Surgery Doctors Operating A Patient In Hospital Room

How Swiss Machines Save Lives

How Precision Machining Is Used In The Medical Industry Swiss machines have become an integral part of the medical industry, offering precise and reliable manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of medical devices. In Minnesota alone, Swiss machines are used to create everything from surgical instruments to implantable devices that help people every day. The precision and accuracy of CNC...
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Micro electronic Industry semiconductor and precision parts

Why is CNC Machining Important For Semiconductor & Electrical Industry

CNC Machining is Essential to the Semiconductor Industry CNC Swiss Machining is an exact method of creating small, complex components. It is a type of CNC machining that uses a specialized lathe to produce a variety of parts. These products require tight tolerances. These machines are called Swiss machines because they were initially developed in Switzerland for creating watch components....
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Swiss Machine Solutions at Colburn Manufacturing of Minnesota

Different Types of CNC Swiss Machining Solutions

Swiss Machine Solutions Swiss machines are specialized tools used in manufacturing. Swiss machines are designed to make precise cuts and shapes on small, complex parts. CNC Swiss machining is a process used to create precision parts and components with high accuracy. It involves using advanced CNC machines that can produce complex turned parts with tight tolerances. If you are thinking...
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Close Up View Of Metal Studs And Bolts CNC Machined on white background

What Metals can be used in CNC Machining?

Metals Used in CNC Machining CNC machines can create a precision part using a variety of different materials. If you know what kind of stress and temperatures it may operate under, you may better understand what metal(s) can be used. Here are some of the most common metals used in CNC Machining: Aluminum Aluminum is widely used due to its...
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Shop Floor

What Is A Swiss Machine?

The History of the Swiss Machine What is a Swiss Machine, anyway? Swiss machining is a precision manufacturing process. Swiss machines have gained widespread use in medical devices, electronics, and aerospace industries. Its history is full of innovations and advancements, enabling it to remain a reliable workhorse in the manufacturing industry. It is renowned for its precision, accuracy, and ability...
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Magazine Article Colburn Manufacturing

Our Brother and Sister Team – Enterprise Minnesota Article

Our second generation, Clint and Liz, were featured in the latest edition of Enterprise Minnesota’s magazine! Check out the article to learn more about our brother and sister team that is taking the reins and growing Colburn Manufacturing.
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Cleaning Machine For Specialty Made Small Parts

Continually Improving

We are so excited about the newest addition to our shop!  Our customers have always raved about the cleanliness of the parts they receive from us, and this machine will exceed our customers’ expectations even more. 
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20th Anniversary of Colburn Manufacturing

Colburn Manufacturing Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, Colburn Manufacturing Company Inc. was founded with the goal of taking care of employees.  Scott Larson, CEO/President, said he believed he could “do a better job of running a business, employees really are your number one asset. Back then people didn’t think that.”
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Modern Machine Using Precision Machine

We’re in Another Magazine Article!

Modern Machine Shop interviewed Scott and Cheryl on succession planning for its March 2019 issue. Thank you Modern Machine Shop!
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Preparing The Next Gen of Swiss Machine and Machine Shop Owners

Preparing the NEXT GEN

We are honored to be featured in the March 2019 edition of the Enterprise Minnesota trade journal.
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