Continually Improving

We are so excited about the newest addition to our shop!  Our customers have always raved about the cleanliness of the parts they receive from us, and this machine will exceed our customers’ expectations even more. 

The iFP KP.30 from Gosiger is the best on the market and is ideal for the tight tolerance parts found in the industries we serve.  This high-performance vacuum parts washer provides a self-contained, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to our washing requirements. 

Best Technology on the Market

The unparalleled efficiency of the KP vacuum treatment cycle reaches vacuum values of up to 1 millibar.

Environmentally Friendly

The KP cleaning unit uses no water and guarantees that no solvent residue is present on the parts or released into the air at the end of each cycle.  The reclaimed solvent is then used in subsequent cleaning cycles and shavings are separated.

Highest Level of Productivity & Quality

The KP cleaning unit consistently guarantees the best cleaning results regardless of extent of the contamination, including difficult to reach part features.

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